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12 Reasons Why the PerfectNoggin is the Best Sleep Surface for Your Infant

(but we are sure you will find a few more...)

  • Proven effectiveness. 5 published studies + 15 years of clinical success. 

  • Adjustability.  Patented liners fit head circumferences from 13-19 inches. (11-19 inches for Perfect Noggin 2.0 Plus)

  • Anatomically-correct shape. Promotes a natural symmetrical head shape.  

  • No more repositioning.  Finally, you and your baby can sleep!  


  • Stable, low profile design. No unsafe loose pillows or cushions.

  • Anti-slide edge. Prevents sliding or scooting off the surface. 

  • Neutral head-torso alignment. Best airway position for breathing. 

  • Aerated surface. Better air circulation and heat exchange than standard mattress.

  • Soft medical-grade foam liners. Easy to clean, hypoallergenic foam.  

  • Fitted, hand-sewn cotton cover. 10 stock colors or customize.

  • Easy to use. Simple measurement and sizing.  

  • Excellent value. No time or money wasted on useless products or helmets.

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