We have six boys, all of whom were born with congenital muscular torticollis. Our first son’s torticollis was not diagnosed until he was age 4 month, long after he had already developed severe positional plagiocephaly. Our pediatrician recommended tummy time and repositioning, but there was no improvement in his head shape. At age 10 months, we were referred for a molding helmet that, after months of treatment, only mildly improved his head shape. He is now a teenager and still has

a misshapen head and facial asymmetry. Our second and third sons had similar stories but the head flattening was less severe and they did not receive a molding helmet. They both still have noticeable head asymmetry.

We were introduced to the PerfectNoggin shortly after the birth of our fourth son. It had just been developed and we were one of the first families to try it. Our son slept soundly on it every night for the first several months and his head stayed nice and round. We used the same PerfectNoggin for our next two babies and had the same great experience. The difference in head shapes among boys is remarkable! None of our children who had the benefit of this simple device developed plagiocephaly. 

PerfectNoggin should be at the top of every new parent’s registry list! It is a safe, comfortable, and simple solution to an all too common problem. Our only regret is that we didn’t have it sooner!


Lisa S. , Bellingham, Massachusetts


Our first baby was diagnosed with torticollis at 2 months of age and we tried everything to keep her off of her right side. We did physical therapy, tummy time, and used several pillows that were supposed to help prevent flattening. At 7 months of age, her head shape and facial changes were so bad that we were prescribed a $3000 molding helmet that helped with her head, but did not improve her face asymmetry. Her face still looks slanted, especially when viewed in the mirror, at age 3 years. Our second baby was prescribed the PerfectNoggin at one month of age and had none of these issues. Her head and face look perfect, and she slept great while she was using it. I would recommend this product for any new baby.   


Jenn T. , Rockville, Maryland 


I have a second child that started with flat spot on the right side of his head. We went through helmet with our first child and did not want to go through it again if we didn't have to. Our first child we tried everything without any success his head shape continue to get worse hence ending up in a helmet. We received this with our child being about 5 weeks old he is now almost 3 months old. We expected to have a couple rough nights getting use to sleeping in something different but we were lucky and did not have issues with the transition. Our child's head shape did not worsen at all and has improved using this. The pediatrician is happy with his head shape and we are extremely satisfied with it! Having our first child in a helmet we are more aware of the shape and also more critical on our judgement.

It is simple to use, instructions are easy to follow, the color coordination makes it fool proof as well. It keeps the air way open (yes I am a nurse so I listen to breath sounds all time) and I like the fact that the head remains uncovered since our child does spit up frequently that nothing is pooling were his head is.

Dilara K., Gaithersburg, Maryland


As a first-time mom with very little support, everything was so new to me. My daughter was delivered 2 weeks early due to some pregnancy complications with low amniotic fluid. After delivery, everything seemed wonderful until my daughter approached 2 months of age. I knew something wasn't right because she would not turn her head to one side. Despite repeated attempts to reposition her head, she developed a noticeable flat spot. 


I brought her to her pediatrician and he tried to convince me that everything was fine. I knew it wasn't. I did some research and got a second opinion from another doctor that wanted me to "wait-and-see". I wasn't ok with waiting. My mom instincts kicked in and I demanded a referral to a pediatric craniofacial surgeon right away.


With this condition, every day is so critical to preventing this condition from getting worse. I was so lucky to get an early appointment at Boston Children's Hospital. My daughter was diagnosed with severe torticollis and moderate plagiocephaly. I received a prescription for this product (known formerly as the PlagioCradle). 


At that time my health insurance did not cover the cost of the device, but I knew my daughter needed this to help prevent her condition from getting worse. I used the Perfect Noggin as instructed and also with weekly pediatric physical therapy appointments for the torticollis condition. I used the Perfect Noggin anytime my baby was to lay down for naps as well as for nighttime sleep. When my daughter was asleep, I slept nearby to make sure she didn't roll off of it as she approached her "learning to roll-over" age.


Once my baby started to roll over, I stopped using the Perfect Noggin, my baby's head was normally shaped! It was amazing! The orthotist said she did not need any further treatment or a helmet. I was so fortunate to have found this product and I am happy to say my daughter is almost 5 years old and has a normal shaped head! 


Thank you, thank you, thank you for inventing this Perfect Noggin! My gratitude is immeasurable!!!

Jada M., Massachusetts