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We were introduced to the PerfectNoggin shortly after the birth of our fourth son. It had just been developed and we were one of the first families to try it. Our son slept soundly on it every night for the first several months and his head stayed nice and round. We used the same PerfectNoggin for our next two babies and had the same great experience. The head shapes are remarkable!  PerfectNoggin should be at the top of every new parent’s registry list! It is a safe, comfortable, and simple solution to an all too common problem. Our only regret is that we didn’t have it sooner!


Lisa S. , Bellingham, Massachusetts

Our second baby began using the PerfectNoggin at one month of age. Her head and face look perfect, and she slept great while she was using it. I would recommend this product for any new baby.   


Jenn T. , Rockville, Maryland 

We received the Perfect Noggin when our child was about 5 weeks old. We expected to have a couple rough nights getting use to sleeping in something different but we were lucky and did not have issues with the transition. The pediatrician is happy with his head shape and we are extremely satisfied with it!  It is simple to use, instructions are easy to follow, the color coordination makes it fool proof as well. It keeps the air way open (yes I am a nurse so I listen to breath sounds all time) and I like the fact that the head remains uncovered since our child does spit up frequently that nothing is pooling were his head is.

Dilara K., Gaithersburg, Maryland

I stumbled upon The Perfect Noggin in October 2021 and ordered it right away.  It arrived right away and only took about three or so nights for her to get comfortable. She stayed in it until March 2022. At that point, she was rolling both ways. Ultimately, The Perfect Noggin kept us out of a helmet.  I gave my Perfect Noggin to a friend who is pregnant and previously had a micro-premie.  If I could, I would give this to every mother and tell them to start at birth! Thank you for creating this and for all you do to help our kiddos!

Casey C. 



Just wanted to share an update for all and especially for those who may be reading this and thinking about a PN “late” as I did, here is my story. We started our daughter in the PN at about 4 months of age. I knew I wanted to give the PN a shot but like many, I wish I had discovered the PN sooner.  My husband and I are so happy with the progress! Thanks to Gary F Rogers for an amazing product, quick shipping and for making this community which has been so helpful and supportive.

P. J. 

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