Developed by a team of top imaging engineers, the SoftSpot application allows at-home evaluation of cranial shape (CVAI and CI) using their smartphone. This FDA-cleared software is extremely accurate and allows parents to monitor the progress of their infant's head shape over time. This product is not available to the general public and we can only offer SoftSpot in conjunction with the purchase of a Perfect Noggin Sleep Surface. This special offering allows repeated scans up to every two weeks up to age 7 months. 

SoftSpot Digital Smartphone Cranial Measurement Application

  • Due to the nature of the Soft Spot application, it cannot be returned once the package is opened. Since the SoftSpot is steeply discounted due to our relationship with the company, return of any Perfect Noggin Sleep Surface purchased with a SoftSpot package will be eligible for only a 50% refund in the event that the SoftSpot is not also returned unopened. This is to compensate for the discounted price of the SoftSpot.