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These factory new units are slightly blemished (small foam indentations or scrapes), but these do not alter the function or results. They are offered at a significant discount but ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

The Perfect Noggin 2.0 is intended for use in infants 0-6 months of age (adjusted for prematurity). It can be used WITHOUT SUPERVISION until your infant is rolling BACK TO BELLY, and afterward, it can still be used but only with adult supervision. The PerfectNoggin measures 30 inches in length and 14.5 inches in width and has a 3.6 degree slope to the surface. The product consists of a strong and stable biocompatible plastic base and 4 IXPE foam liners. The Perfect Noggin 2.0 accommodates infants with head circumferences of 13 inches to 19 inches (99+% for boys 6 months of age).

Blemished Perfect Noggin 2.0


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