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These factory units are NEW but slightly blemished (small foam indentations, scrapes, or surface irregularities; or yellowing of the plastic base), but these do not alter the function or result. They are offered at a significant discount but ARE NOT REFUNDABLE. It can be used WITHOUT SUPERVISION until your infant is rolling BACK TO BELLY OR SIDE in the product; USE THEREAFTER MUST BE SUPERVISED BY AN ADULT. The product measures 30 inches in length and 14.5 inches in width and has a 3.6 degree slope to the surface. The product consists of a strong and stable biocompatible plastic base and 4 IXPE foam liners. The Perfect Noggin 2.0 accommodates infants with head circumferences of 13 inches to 19 inches (99+% for boys 6 months of age).

Blemished Perfect Noggin 2.0 with Cotton Cover

$110.00 Regular Price
$85.00Sale Price

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