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NEW! Soft Spot, the revolutionary FDA-cleared application for monitoring infant head shape using your smart phone, is available with the purchase of a Perfect Noggin!
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The world's only anatomically correct, fully adjustable head shaping surface!   

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Start your baby's life on a Perfect Noggin, and quit worrying about plagiocephaly!  

For nearly three decades, parents have diligently followed recommendations to back sleep their infants only to see one in four develop some form of head flattening. We created the Perfect Noggin so parents can continue to comply with safe back sleeping practices without the worry of plagiocephaly.  Our patented, adjustable foam liners are anatomically shaped to fit your infant’s head shape, and the platform design maintains the safest and most ergonomic head-neck-torso alignment. We encourage you to read about all of the benefits of the Perfect Noggin, but the best feature is that it really works! 



The Perfect Noggin Advantage

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The Perfect Noggin is the only infant resting surface with an adjustable, anatomically-correct contoured surface to ensure that your infant's head stays round and symmetric during the critical first few months of life. The firm dedicated surface has no loose or soft components, and unlike dangerous  soft plagiocephaly pillows or repositioning devices that can create unhealthy and potentially hazardous neck flexion,  the gently elevated base and recessed head rest of the Perfect Noggin maintains the safest and most ergonomic head-neck-torso alignment for optimal breathing. The foam liners and fitted cotton cover safely maintain the most ideal and comfortable sleep position for every infant. With 5 peer-reviewed clinical studies to support its effectiveness, the Perfect Noggin is the best resting surface you can buy for your baby at any price.    


 Scientifically designed. Clinically tested. 


The Perfect Noggin was created at a prestigious Harvard-affiliated children's hospital by pediatric plastic surgeon and renown plagiocephaly researcher, Gary F. Rogers, M.D., and orthotist Rusty Miller. Since its creation over 15 years ago, the patented layered design has been used with unparalleled success and safety by thousands of parents to help maintain their infant's head shape while back sleeping. The Perfect Noggin design has been clinically studied more than any other competing product, and the results are so convincing that a smaller version is currently used in pediatric hospitals and intensive care units throughout the United States. But don't take our word for it (or that of the competition). We encourage you to read the the supportive clinical studies on the Perfect Noggin (links below) and that of competition (but don't be surprised if you can't find any). The results are clear- the Perfect Noggin is without equal.