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The PerfectNoggin 2.0 Plus is intended for very small or premature infants 0-5 months of age (adjusted for prematurity) who are not rolling over from their back to their stomach. It may be used with supervision up to age 6 months. This is to ensure safety and the best result. The PerfectNoggin measures 30 inches in length and 14.5 inches in width, and has a 3.6 degree slope to the surface. The product consists of a strong and stable biocompatible plastic base and 6 IXPE foam liners. The Perfect Noggin 2.0 accommodates infants with head circumferences of 11 inches to 19 inches (99+% for boys 6 months of age).


The revolutionary FDA cleared Soft Spot smart phone application is now available at a significant discount with the purchase of Perfect Noggin. The application uses smart phone pictures to compute extremely accurate cranial shape data including two of the most widely used metrics, CVAI (cranial vault asymmetry index, a measure of head asymmetry) and CI (cranial index, a measure of cranial width versus length).  PLEASE NOTE: SOFTSPOT USE IS LIMITED TO US CUSTOMERS ONLY. Soft Spot cannot be returned after opening the package. Any return of the Perfect Noggin after opening the Soft Spot packet will incur a $75 charge to cover the price of the Soft Spot application. For more information about the Soft Spot application, visit the web site at

Perfect Noggin 2.0 Plus + Soft Spot Smart Phone Cranial Imaging Application

  • Perfect Noggin can be returned within 14 days after reciept. Please do not send items back after this time without authorization. We do not pay for return shipping so we suggest using a discount shipping company like Shippo or Sendle to send back the package. Once the product arrives in good condition, the purchase price (minus outbound shipping charge) will be refunded. IMPORTANT: Soft Spot cannot be returned since the access code is on the exterior and clearly visible. Perfect Noggin returns bought with Soft Spot will incur a $50 deduction from any purchase return.